Sunday, September 29, 2013


Yup, you read that right!  Scrapbooks Hawaii has a group page in Facebook.  This is mainly where I sell most of our newly-released and current scrapbook products.  Here is the link:

You will need to request to join the group to see all the items available and also get our everyday 20% discount off retail prices!  If you're in Nevada, Nevada sales taxes will apply.  Shipping and handling costs will be added if we will need to ship the items to you.  And yes, I combine shipping.  :)  Thanks!  :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello, my Friends!  Welcome to the RE-OPENING of SCRAPBOOKS HAWAII!!!

It's been a long while.  Thanks for dropping by.  I just can't get away from my scrapbook passion.  So, here I am again.  :) 

As most of you who follow me in Facebook know, we moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas 3 days before Christmas of 2012.  I started up Scrapbooks Hawaii and registered it as a business here in Las Vegas on July 29th, 2013!!!  YAY!  I decided to keep the Scrapbooks Hawaii business name so as not to confuse all of you who have been my followers and customers through all these years.  :)

And if you follow me in Facebook, you know, too, that I just placed a TON of scrapbook products from the recent CHA convention here in Vegas called CREATE-N-CONNECT.  There are a lot of items that will be coming soon and I hope you all watch out for them as I post them here.  :) 

I am also offering PRE-ORDERS of items that are soon to be released.  All the items I'll post here will be 20% off the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). 

Thanks again and I hope to see and hear from all of you soon!!!  :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It is with great sadness that Scrapbooks Hawaii must say "ALOHA" to our dear friends in the Philippines. Sadly, the last SCRAPPER'S JAM in Oct 2009 was the last, too. I want to thank you beautiful ladies for your business, support, and friendships. One of the many blessings I count having Scrapbooks Hawaii in the Philippines is the wonderful friendships I made with each and everyone of you. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you for the past 4 years.

I want to especially mention the tremendous support and patience of Nenette of My Little Attic. Our friendship started in 2006 with a weird overseas phone call Nette received from an unheard-of-scrap-crazy woman from Hawaii who randomly found her through the internet. Tons of phone calls, emails, bboxes, and several ScrapJams later, forged a friendship and trust like no other. Nette, your friendship is one I truly treasure. Without you, Scrapbooks Hawaii wouldn't have happened in the Philippines. You helped open doors to friendships (all with their own crazy stories) and adventures (pati na rin misadventures--hehehe) I wouldn't have dreamt of. Again, maraming, maraming salamat to you and your entire family. :)

To all the Scrapbooks Hawaii DTs, Cabbie, Donna, Cookie, Issa, and Yoyin, you ladies are the best! Thank you very much for sharing your talents not only to the ladies in the Philippines, but to the ladies in Hawaii and mainland USA. Your works of art are inspiring! I want to also thank you for your warm friendships. Please continue to share your talents in your blogs or facebook so I can easily find them to scraplift. hehehe :)

No, I'm not going away. I will still be in the community as I continue my journey as a scrapper and a paper crafter. I am only an email, facebook post, blog, and/or even phone call away from you. I do hope that whenever I'll be able to come back to the Philippines to visit that we could all get together, crop and laugh the day away.

As I leave the business arena, my only request is to please continue to support your local scrapbook stores in the Philippines especially My Little Attic. You have such a wonderful bunch of scrapbook store owners, event planners, and teachers in the Philippines who truly care for this industry and hobby. Of course, we also have all the Pinay Scrapper Design Team members of various stores and manufacturers both in the Philippines and abroad. Your talents and achievements in this craft industry make me proud!

P.S. After I posted the above announcement, someone emailed me to ask for the reason sa closure. So, I figurued I'd share with everyone this late addition sa announcement post. Here's what I wrote back to her... :)

"hmmm...reason sa closure? mostly because pagod na ako and my doctor is getting really worried about my health kasi it's turning for the worst due to stress and lack of sleep. both of which get my blood pressure and my diabetes/sugar levels dangerously high. my kidneys, eyes and pancreas are also on constant watch sa lab work, etc. nakakapagod na rin ang magturok nang insulin sa tyan every night ano! i really think kasi i need to pay attendtion to my body for a change kasi i'm not getting any younger and i would love to see my grandchildren kay jian and alex kahit na that's another 20-30 years to go. hehehe

hindi na rin ako nakakapag-tinda dito kasi bihira lang ang opportunities to do so kaya yeah medyo may economic reason rin but obviously not the number 1 reason, though. mostly i want to give up the business side and just enjoy the process of creating. i don't want to give up my love for the habit...este hobby kasi of the variables i mentioned earlier. yun lang. :) "

Friday, October 23, 2009


Better late than never…With Typhoon Pepeng looming over the country on Oct 1, and Nette and I worried about the safety of our JAMMERS, we decided to call and texted some of them. Nothing could really stop the resolve of majority of our die-hard JAMMERS who asked to push through as scheduled on Oct 3rd. Even with the news and messages that the typhoon could be as bad as the previous typhoon, go pa rin sila! Sabi nga ni Nette, mali raw ang kinakausap naming mga tao! LOL! But in the end, after we heard from reliable sources about the possible severity of the typhoon, we got very worried and had to think of everyone's safety and had to reschedule the JAM.

My heart-felt THANKS to all who attended and dropped by during the Oct 10th PHILIPPINE SCRAPJAM at Alexandra Clubhouse. I can't get over the enthusiasm and excitement I felt during the JAM. I hope everyone who attended and took the classes had fun with the classes, tried new techniques, are happy with their projects.

Jian and I had such a blast whenever we visit and see everyone’s beautiful faces eager to learn something new and looking forward to all the surprises we had in store for them. The loot bags got a lot of rave reviews not to mention the class kits! Of course, there were a few times that we had to cut short everyone’s shopping time for classes. And yes, I caught some of you browsing the store during class time and couldn’t resist the new, recently-released products and discounts.

Speaking of products, all the products we brought and sent to the Philippines were left with my friend and partner, Nette of My Little Attic. Please watch out for an announcement of a SH/MLA HOLIDAY SALE coming out soon! In the meantime, if you saw products that you wished you bought during the Jam, please contact Nette ASAP at

Again, MARAMING SALAMAT PO for having fun with us and sharing with us your enthusiasm, excitement and warmth during the SCRAPJAM.

HUGS to you all!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm soooo sorry. Hilo na talaga ako. I didn't realize that I sent the JAM TOOL KIT thru email. I thought I posted in the blog. I made a few changes sa make up sponges and heat gun, but most of them are the same items to bring. JAMMERS who are trying to get their tool kits together, here's the list:


*Adhesives – both dry and wet,
*12 inch ruler
*3 Distress Ink Pads (bring your own or share with a friend(s) and have at least 3 Distress Ink Pad colors—at least one each of light, medium and dark shades)
*Permanent black ink pad (archival or stazon)
*Ranger or Bazzill craft mat (optional)
*Ink blending tool and blending foam (or 3 makeup sponges for inking)
*4 makeup sponges (for painting)
*Baby wipes to clean your hands
*Clean dry rag to wipe your mat in between uses
*Repositionable adhesive (optional)
*3x3 or 3x4 or 3x5 acrylic block
*Heat gun (if you have with wattage or voltage converter nga ba yon? Also, we found out that there are not a lot of electric outlets sa Alexandra so we'll just have the heat guns at two table stations)
*Bind it All (if you have)

For the SCRAP CHALLENGE, we will need a total of 6 pictures: 1- 4x6 OR 3x5 picture and 5 wallet size (or smaller) pictures.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



We were called by the Alexandra Clubhouse Management and they informed us that we have to vacate the premises by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, Oct 10. As I'm sure you all know, we had to reschedule the JAM from Oct 3 to Oct 10.

When we moved the dates, they failed to inform us that the hours we had originally rented the space for on Oct 3 wasn't transferred. It was only a few seconds ago when Nette received the call from the management informing us nga of vacating the premises by 5:00 p.m. They couldn't extend us as we had requested for Oct 3 because there is another event to start at 6 p.m.

So, with that said, we have to adjust everything by an hour early. What does this mean? Instead of starting at 10 a.m., we will now start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Wala nang extension. JAMMERS who preordered distress inks, blending tools and craft mats, please lang come at 8 a.m. to pick up your preorders as we will need these for the first class.

Classes will be adjusted to an hour earlier. Here's the new schedule:


8:00-9:00: Registration/Shopping/Preorder pickups
9:00-11:30: First Class: MINI BOOK OF TECHNIQUES
11:30-12:30: Lunch/Shopping
12:30-1:00: Second Class: BLOOMS and BUTTERFLIES
1:00-2:30: Third Class: NOT THE USUAL
2:30-3:30: Fourth Class: STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT
3:30-4:30: ScrapChallenge/Snack Break/Shopping
4:30-5:00: Judging of Scrap Challenge/Announcement of Scrap Challenge Winners

OPEN SHOPPING: 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this schedule change may cause the JAMMERS and OPEN SHOPPERS. We were also blind-sighted by this turn of events. Pasensya na po. This, of course, doesn't stop us, we'll adjust and will try our best to give you a fun filled event! :)

Nette and Marisa

p.s. Paki-text brigade lang po all JAMMERS and OPEN SHOPPERS. Maraming salamat po! :)



Oct 3 was World Cardmaking Day. A week late, but let's celebrate World Cardmaking Day on Saturday, Oct 10th and help out Typhoon Victims. How? Let me explain.

One of the JAMMERS had mentioned about fundraising with cards and I had to think how to do it equitably when it comes to scrap level and design na walang sasakit ang loob because their cards are not priced as much as their neighbor, etc. After all, this is for a worthy cause.

In the hospital where I work in Hawaii, we have BAKE SALES to raise funds. During bake sales, organizers and volunteers bring in baked items packed individually. They put them on tables and people come by and donate by dropping their money in the collection box and take the baked items equivalent to the donor's view as a fair value of the money he/she donated. The key phrase is FAIR VALUE.

I am looking at using the same idea nang BAKE SALE dito sa CARD SALE sa SCRAPJAM. Therefore, I am requesting all JAMMERS and OPEN SHOPPERS to please help sa cause either by donating cards, donating money and "buying" the cards, or both.

Please get your scraps, create cards between now and Friday night, bring the cards to the JAM and let's have a CARD SALE. The CARD SALE table won't be manned and will run on HONOR SYSTEM so when you guys come up to drop your donation in the collection box, no one is watching you as you grab the card or cards you think is the 'FAIR VALUE' of your donation. All proceeds sa CARD SALE will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross to help the flood victims during Typhoon Ondoy. I hope everyone will pitch in and help.

Maraming Salamat po! See you all at the JAM! Can't wait na! :D