Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Oct 3 was World Cardmaking Day. A week late, but let's celebrate World Cardmaking Day on Saturday, Oct 10th and help out Typhoon Victims. How? Let me explain.

One of the JAMMERS had mentioned about fundraising with cards and I had to think how to do it equitably when it comes to scrap level and design na walang sasakit ang loob because their cards are not priced as much as their neighbor, etc. After all, this is for a worthy cause.

In the hospital where I work in Hawaii, we have BAKE SALES to raise funds. During bake sales, organizers and volunteers bring in baked items packed individually. They put them on tables and people come by and donate by dropping their money in the collection box and take the baked items equivalent to the donor's view as a fair value of the money he/she donated. The key phrase is FAIR VALUE.

I am looking at using the same idea nang BAKE SALE dito sa CARD SALE sa SCRAPJAM. Therefore, I am requesting all JAMMERS and OPEN SHOPPERS to please help sa cause either by donating cards, donating money and "buying" the cards, or both.

Please get your scraps, create cards between now and Friday night, bring the cards to the JAM and let's have a CARD SALE. The CARD SALE table won't be manned and will run on HONOR SYSTEM so when you guys come up to drop your donation in the collection box, no one is watching you as you grab the card or cards you think is the 'FAIR VALUE' of your donation. All proceeds sa CARD SALE will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross to help the flood victims during Typhoon Ondoy. I hope everyone will pitch in and help.

Maraming Salamat po! See you all at the JAM! Can't wait na! :D


jonaks said...

great idea, I will be bringing most of my cards. I've been wanting to do this but don't know how.

iris said...

great idea! I have some cards I made for the moxie fab world blog hop. I'll give those.

Scrapbooks Hawaii said...

Thanks Jona and Iris. Please pass to everyone you know. Hopefully they be able to help out in our card sale and we could raise quite a bit of funds while having fun. :)