Friday, October 5, 2007

EVENTS or NO EVENTS...getting a quick breath of air before I plunge again

Wow! I've been terribly busy for the past 3 months! Events, classes, being a single mom (hubby flew to PI for 2 1/2 weeks), orders to put together, bboxes to pack, fiscal year ending at my full time job, Scrapper's Jam & Scrap Pink! Whew!

And I'm not done yet...I still have the Rubberstamp and Scrapbook Expo at Blaisdell tomorrow. The elevator to the store is broke and they don't anticipate it to work for a week...dang it! We have to take the boxes up and down the stairs to load in the van...Ok, 'nuf belly-aching! Sucking it up and moving on. :) Bright side is I'm living my dream...having a store and loving every minute of it!

I can't wait for a couple weeks of no events of total no-eventness--a respite--then back again to events in November and then Christmas. :) Oh, well, this is what I live for! :)

Speaking of events, my friends in the Philippines will be having their Scrapfest. The equivalence of Scrapper's Jam here in Oahu. I wish I could be there and just thinking about it makes me feel homesick. :( Scrapping is taking off in the Philippines and I'm excited to be a part of it with my friend, Nette's assistance. I will definitely try to be there in one of the Scrapfests next year.

Ok, back to work and getting all the products in boxes for tomorrow's Rubberstamp Expo...just this last one and it'll be event-free for two weeks... :D

Catch up with everyone later!