Saturday, February 6, 2010


It is with great sadness that Scrapbooks Hawaii must say "ALOHA" to our dear friends in the Philippines. Sadly, the last SCRAPPER'S JAM in Oct 2009 was the last, too. I want to thank you beautiful ladies for your business, support, and friendships. One of the many blessings I count having Scrapbooks Hawaii in the Philippines is the wonderful friendships I made with each and everyone of you. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you for the past 4 years.

I want to especially mention the tremendous support and patience of Nenette of My Little Attic. Our friendship started in 2006 with a weird overseas phone call Nette received from an unheard-of-scrap-crazy woman from Hawaii who randomly found her through the internet. Tons of phone calls, emails, bboxes, and several ScrapJams later, forged a friendship and trust like no other. Nette, your friendship is one I truly treasure. Without you, Scrapbooks Hawaii wouldn't have happened in the Philippines. You helped open doors to friendships (all with their own crazy stories) and adventures (pati na rin misadventures--hehehe) I wouldn't have dreamt of. Again, maraming, maraming salamat to you and your entire family. :)

To all the Scrapbooks Hawaii DTs, Cabbie, Donna, Cookie, Issa, and Yoyin, you ladies are the best! Thank you very much for sharing your talents not only to the ladies in the Philippines, but to the ladies in Hawaii and mainland USA. Your works of art are inspiring! I want to also thank you for your warm friendships. Please continue to share your talents in your blogs or facebook so I can easily find them to scraplift. hehehe :)

No, I'm not going away. I will still be in the community as I continue my journey as a scrapper and a paper crafter. I am only an email, facebook post, blog, and/or even phone call away from you. I do hope that whenever I'll be able to come back to the Philippines to visit that we could all get together, crop and laugh the day away.

As I leave the business arena, my only request is to please continue to support your local scrapbook stores in the Philippines especially My Little Attic. You have such a wonderful bunch of scrapbook store owners, event planners, and teachers in the Philippines who truly care for this industry and hobby. Of course, we also have all the Pinay Scrapper Design Team members of various stores and manufacturers both in the Philippines and abroad. Your talents and achievements in this craft industry make me proud!

P.S. After I posted the above announcement, someone emailed me to ask for the reason sa closure. So, I figurued I'd share with everyone this late addition sa announcement post. Here's what I wrote back to her... :)

"hmmm...reason sa closure? mostly because pagod na ako and my doctor is getting really worried about my health kasi it's turning for the worst due to stress and lack of sleep. both of which get my blood pressure and my diabetes/sugar levels dangerously high. my kidneys, eyes and pancreas are also on constant watch sa lab work, etc. nakakapagod na rin ang magturok nang insulin sa tyan every night ano! i really think kasi i need to pay attendtion to my body for a change kasi i'm not getting any younger and i would love to see my grandchildren kay jian and alex kahit na that's another 20-30 years to go. hehehe

hindi na rin ako nakakapag-tinda dito kasi bihira lang ang opportunities to do so kaya yeah medyo may economic reason rin but obviously not the number 1 reason, though. mostly i want to give up the business side and just enjoy the process of creating. i don't want to give up my love for the habit...este hobby kasi of the variables i mentioned earlier. yun lang. :) "


Ria Maningat-Mojica said...

Oh no!!! And I thought the Philippines was "safe" from the scrapping recession :( Thanks for everything Marisa!

Donna E. said...

awww.. :( why oh why... :( sadness :(

pero mas sad kse i'll miss this uber duper SALE!!! wahhh!!! omg.. sayang!!! :D

THANK YOU rin po for the trust, the friendship.. miss you and jian! :) hope to meet you again someday ha! :) loveyah ate marisa :)

Cookie Aguilar said...

Hi Ate Marisa!!! naku nakaka sad naman... pero tama, health should come first. We trully understand and it was also a pleasure meeting you and to have joined your team. the scrap jams are one of my memorable EBs there in the Philippines. Super saya palagi. Anyway, sayang wala ako sa pinas din sa sale... ang mamahal ng gamit dito, kainis heheh.
But any way, will truly miss Scrapbook Hawaii and you of course. Take care of your health and will surely see yah around.. Salamat din po for the trust in my work!

Chiqui said...

I really felt so sad reading your post, but health should really always come first. I had so much fun in the past scrapjams and thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and for bringing all those scrappy goodies here to the Phils!
See you at FB!

cabbie lopez said...

when i opened the email kanina, i thought i saw an ALL CAPS announcement, so i know its really gonna be important... and nagulat ako kasi aside fr the sale, you are going to stop venturing. sigh, yes, health should come first, because its always connected to your family. i know its really a hard decision coz you really love the business but i know there would be other ways for that soon. THANK YOU, ate, for having me as one of your first DTs! i learned a lot from it..for the friendships, the jams and the little things i will never forget. update nalng tayo sa FB or email. i will just be around. take care esp. your health!! mwaah!!!

Christine said...

So sorry to hear about SH's closure :( thank you so much, Marisa, for everything you have shared with us. Looking forward to cropping/jamming with you sometime in the future :D

Will pray for your good health. Hugs!!!

PS. i haven't picked up my puncher order from Nette, hahaha! sorry super delayed. not sure if it's still there (?) thanks again.

jonaks said...

so sad naman!!! we will the scrapjam!!! ingat ka palagi and take care of yourself! sayang I'll miss the super sale!

Ems said...

This is really sad! Hope you still visit us. But yes, you take care, better have more years of memories to scrap. Thank you for all the support too!

Liza said...

Sad to hear this Marisa! You've contributed much to this passion of ours and this is indeed a sad news.

Pero tama ka, your health should be your main priority. No sense in stressing on other stuff if it's your health that's on the line.

Thank you for sharing with us your passion for scrapbooking. And thank you for everything!

sHerLy said...

We will miss you and the jam ate marisa. Do take care of yourself. Thanks for everything, You have thought me a lot of things about scrapbooking and shopping when i was just starting to hoard hehe =) God Bless and Goodluck!!=)

Scrapbooks Hawaii said...

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments. :) It truly was a difficult decision, but obviously long overdue. I wish I could have continued on kasi I truly enjoyed every moment I spent with you whenever I'm home for the ScrapJams and seeing all your beautiful smiling faces.

commoncents said...

Thanks for posting - I really like your blog!!!

Common Cents